Career Experience

Asitha G Punchihewa's career spanning for over 15 years is mostly decorated with research and programme management in the development sector. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Panacea Solutions Private Limited, The National Director of Dharma Voices for Animals- Sri Lanka Chapter and also the Deputy Director- Resource Mobilization and Communication of the Family Planning Association of Sri Lanka.

Prior to that he served as the project manager (HIV AIDS), the Global Fund to Fight AIDS Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM) project in Sri Lanka for four years, over five years with the University of Colombo, over one year with Child Fund in Sri Lanka, over two years with the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka and one year with the National Forum of Peoples’ Organisations.

The above mentioned experience is in addition to the consultancy assignments that were carried out simultaneously and in line with Postgraduate studies in Development Studies with a diverse range of organisations in the non profit, government, academic and private sectors in multidisciplinary areas.

Before 2003, in Australia, as a self supporting full-fee-paying undergraduate student in Biological Science, and as a graduate he was employed at the middle and lower management levels of the building maintenance industry where he was exposed to a diverse multicultural and private sector working environments. 


Current fields of activity

Chief Executive Officer, Panacea Solutions Private Limited

      -  Being a co- founder of Panacea Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, the authorized partner in Sri Lanka for SIEMENS Process LIfe-cycle Management (PLM) range, managing and driving the organization to promote process optimization in the industrial sector in Sri Lanka.

Consultant, Resource Mobilization & Communication- Family Planning Association of Sri Lanka

     -  Bearing the responsibility of raising funds and mobilizing resources to sustain the organization through devising strategies and designing concepts and bearing responsibility of communication initiatives of the organization.


Previous work 

Manager, National HIV/AIDS Prevention project funded by The Global Fund (GFATM), carried out by the Family Planning Association of Sri Lanka

      -  Managing a multi million USD national project with a cadre of about 1,000 and a budget of approx USD 1mn a year to reduce vulnerability towards getting infected with HIV among female sex workers (FSW), men having sex with men (MSM), heroin users (DU), beach boys (BB) and people living with HIV with multiple stakeholders representing state and civil society actors.                     

Project Consultant, Social Policy Analysis and Research Centre (SPARC), University of Colombo

       - Concept development on social policy development initiatives for SPARC

      -  Public sector accountability in Sri Lanka through developing a Citizen Report Card.

      -  Nature and extent of human trafficking among the migrant workers of Sri Lanka.  

         International Labour Organisation, Geneva


Development of the National Policy on Forced Relocation.

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Sri Lanka


Visiting Lecturer- Faculty of Engineering, University of Moratuwa on Social considerations in engineering projects

Visiting Lecturer- Colombo Institute of Research and Psychology on Research Methods 

Research on Biological Indicators and their association with folk lore and myths in Sri Lanka.

SAARC Cultural Centre

Freelance research writing for "The Nation", Sunday newspaper.  

Research Writing on tourism promotion- Western Province Tourist Board


Reintegration with the Home Community- Perspective on the lives of returnee migrant workers International Labour Organisation, Colombo

The 2004 Asian tsunami experience, displacement and resettlement

Cultural rights of Vedda community (Indigenous community) of Sri Lanka

Private Public Dialogue in Sri Lanka 

Programme to link Sri Lankan diaspora for national development of Sri Lanka

Human Trafficking and Law Responses in Sri Lanka 

Institutionalization of children in Sri Lanka

Protecting rights of children on the move in Sri Lanka

Realising Child Rights National Baseline Survey in Sri Lanka

Intellectual Property Protection and Access to Knowledge Initiatives in Sri Lanka

Impact of Globalisation on Development

Child Protection/ Child Sponsorship 

National Post Conflict policy aspects 

National Post Natural Disaster (Tsunami) resettlement policy aspects 

People's consultation of Tsunami affected communities in Sri Lanka

Transitional justice and women combatants in Sri Lanka 

Standardisation of Bio-gas units and appliances in Sri Lanka 

Thereputic Community System (TCS) for rehabilitation of drug abusers

Urban community development

Rural community development 

NGO capacity building through networking  


      -  Nature and extent of human trafficking among the migrant workers of Sri Lanka.  

         International Labour Organisation

      -  Nature and extent of human trafficking among the migrant workers of Sri Lanka.  

         International Labour Organisation

      -  Nature and extent of human trafficking among the migrant workers of Sri Lanka.  

         International Labour Organisation