Born to a family with a strong association with the medical profession, Asitha is the youngest of 3 children, of Dr. G P P Silva and T M H M Herath in 1975 in Kandy. Currently living in Panadura, Sri Lanka with his wife Dr. Nadeeka Fernando, only child of H D H Fernando and S D M Fernando and the three kids Thaviru, Tesandu and Senudi. Asitha's brothers, Dr. Himan, married to Dr. Inoka, both attached to the Mechanical Engineering department of University of Moratuwa has a son Hirun and a daughter Dahamdi, Mr. Arjuna, married to Ms. Natali, residing in Melbourne Australia with the two kids, Dhara and Taran.

Asitha's father comes from the deep down South fishing town of Mirissa, and descendant of a prominent Kaurava family, "Kathaluwe Guardiya Punchihewa" and the mother comes from a typical govi (paddy cultivator) family from Pilimatalawa in the hill capital. He was born at Pichaud Gardens Kandy.

During his late teens he became really fascinated by the amount of creations that he would be able to make if he goes into genetic engineering. Later on, during his undergraduate degree programme he believes that he was lucky enough to realise the idea of becoming a genetic engineer was rather a selfish thought and that in the long run he would become a hostage of the corporates that leach out creativity for detrimental purposes that would only benefit the villain corporate investors. 
Therefore, he diverged from cell biology to animal and plant biology and took more subjects on ecology and evolution which he thought was much closer to his personality and nature. Later on after returning to his motherland, straight away he entered into the NGO sector as a junior level manager which did not require any biology knowledge, but allowed to equip with in depth knowledge on the non profit sector, diversified development interventions, multiple stakeholders and painful reality of corruption at different levels.
From there, it was a matter of widening the repertoire of stakeholders that he could work with in different diverse sectors and specialties. The Masters degree programme in Development studies enabled him to provide a more professional approach to his work, combined with the bachelors level education in science that equipped him with an added advantage in creating a unique niche with broad spectrum of applied knowledge.    


He has a training in Development Studies at the Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Colombo, where my thesis is on “Potential of Knowledge Processes Outsourcing Industry to promote skilled employment in Sri Lanka” 

He obtained his first degree in Biological Science (animal and plant biology) at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia in 2002.  

Secondary schooling was mainly at Trinity College Kandy from 1981 to 1989 and from 1989 to 1994 at Mahanama College Colombo.



Life in Australia was fabulous, but ultra demanding.He has intentions to upload something worth reading. It will hopefully bring out some unpleasant realities that international students from developing countries face. 



Life has been an eternal transition, though somewhat settled now. He was born in Kandy, Sri Lanka, then shifted from one place to the next covering Madawala (Kandy), Pilimatalawa (Kandy), Mahaiyawa (Kandy), Watapuluwa (Kandy), Katubedda (Moratuwa), Panadura (Kalutara), Glenroy (Victoria, Australia), Toorak (Victoria, Au), Essendon (Victoria, Au), Chadstone (Victoria Au), Burwood (Victoria Au) and back at Panadura in Sri Lanka. In fact 22 homes have provided him shelter.